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CiEP in communication

Your working relationships are not running smoothly. Agreements that you have made are often not adhered to and the quality of collaboration sometimes leaves much to be desired. There’s ‘noise’ in the communication lines and you are sometimes dissatisfied and irritated. You have to put up with from meetings that run over and conversations and discussions that take up your time but that actually lead nowhere.

What you really want 

You really want clear communications with the people who you have to deal with, so that everyone, including yourself, knows where he or she stands. You want to be able to say what you have to say effectively, so that you not only are heard but also heard in such a way that you achieve what you want to achieve. You want to be able to collaborate effectively with your team members and/or your colleagues, even at those times when it seems that it is NOT working.

What CiEP in Communication offers 

CiEP in Communication (CiC) is a practical program that is person- and team-oriented. It focuses on optimizing and making communications with yourself and with others more insightful, in a work environment. This constitutes the basis for realizing inspiring results with others. CiC makes you aware of what and how you communicate, and also of what you want to hide in your communications and yet still unconsciously communicate. This provides you with insight into thoughts and feelings that guide you unwittingly in your conduct and in your communications. Having this insight creates inner space and provides you with a new perspective of your choices and possibilities.


The result is your power to communicate effectively is immediately strengthened. CiC provides you with a new look at yourself and at your relationships with others, and thus facilitates a new level of collaboration. If you are interested in making leadership, control, partnership and pleasure visible, measurably achieving 10-20% time saving by reducing noise in communications, increased integrity in complying to agreements, and you want to expand your inner space to say what needs to be said, then it’s time for CiEP in Communications.

Making an appointment to discuss your precise needs is easy: call one of the CiEP coaches on +31 71 301 2841, or send an e-mail to ciep@ciep.com

CiEP results at a glance

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About CiEP

As an individual coaching program, CiEP offers returns in a variety of terrains. Time gain is one example, this generally lies measurably between 10 and 20%. In total this means about half to whole working day per person per week! The time gained is closely tied to a number of crucial plus points inherent to the CiEP way of working. You can think about benefits in terms of:

  • quality
  • productivity
  • transparency
  • initiative and results-orientedness

Companies and organizations that are going through or have been through a CiEP program, are always talking about having tangibly more pleasure in doing their work,  of improved involvement and satisfaction and a better work/life balance.


A selection of our customers

These organizations in the Netherlands and Belgium use CiEP to match work habits and achieve the desired result:


Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Hospital

When I was drowning organically in my own work, CiEP gave me tools to take control back.

Municipality of Leeuwarden

More structure and overview obtained in my work and thus achieved time gain. All this gives a satisfied feeling.