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Does this sound familiar?

At your work you have too little time, or too much work, or perhaps both. Something is troubling you. You probably are suffering from pressure of work, work-related stress, a chronic lack of time and rapidly growing information flows. You are behind with your work, there are too many ad hoc tasks and you face all sorts of interruptions. You are fed up with not being able to meet agreements or with always having to move deadlines. You would like things to be different, but that seems close to impossible to you.

What you really want 

You want to work from a position with oversight, proper control, structure and calm, working flexibly and achieving inspiring results. You want to enjoy going to work and coming home feeling satisfied. Every day!

What the CiEP-Basic program offers 

The CiEP-Basic Program offers people a personal work system with the associated basic principles and working habits. This offers a new foundation on which to build structure, throughput, transparency and focused action. Once the principles of CiEP have been learned and applied, you can aim for quality and efficiency at the personal level.



  • Overview and transparency in personal systems of working
  • Information is easy to access
  • Transferability of work on hand
  • Structure in e-mail
  • Pro-active plans
  • Good mood

10-20% time gained per person per week, for core tasks or development.


  • Less pressure of work and stress
  • More pleasure, satisfaction and peace of mind
  • Control of work and time allocation
  • Good balance between work, home and one’s self
  • More energy and vigor
  • Greater ability to influence the circumstances


Target group
Everyone who (sometimes) works in an office environment, regardless of the job content or position within the organization.

Group size and trainers/coaches
7 or 12 participants per group
Group > 7 participants 2 CiEP coaches
Individual training in CiEP is also possible

On site in your company. Plenary sessions in the training room, individual coaching at the participant’s desk.


Willingness to take part in the program.


Dates for plenary sessions and individual coaching are determined in advance.


Four days, spread over 4-6 months.
First and second days: mornings – plenary session, afternoons- individual coaching
Third and fourth days: I hour of individual coaching It is possible to enroll in this program individually. 

CiEP results at a glance

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About CiEP

As an individual coaching program, CiEP offers returns in a variety of terrains. Time gain is one example, this generally lies measurably between 10 and 20%. In total this means about half to whole working day per person per week! The time gained is closely tied to a number of crucial plus points inherent to the CiEP way of working. You can think about benefits in terms of:

  • quality
  • productivity
  • transparency
  • initiative and results-orientedness

Companies and organizations that are going through or have been through a CiEP program, are always talking about having tangibly more pleasure in doing their work,  of improved involvement and satisfaction and a better work/life balance.


A selection of our customers

These organizations in the Netherlands and Belgium use CiEP to match work habits and achieve the desired result:



CiEP has made work less stressful for me. Though my workload has not changed much, with the insight from CiEP, my work processes are more defined and therefore much more time is gained to do more of primary work than previously.



Less postponing of tasks which I don't like. Main point is the new CiEP consciousness/ behavior of my team which makes it possible for me to insist more on CiEP behavior than before.

County Director


The greatest strength that CiEP has helped me with is unlocking and helping me believe and see my own potential. I also appreciate personal coach approach, I had never had one before and it was amazing going through the experience and having your fears and doubts voiced and dealt with. Thank you CiEP!

Support Officer


CiEP has enabled me to improve my performance, created space for me to relax and made my work visible. I enjoy my work now!

Agriculture Advisor


I find I am more organized and complete my work within the allocated time. I am able to meet deadlines without any problem.

Advisor Renewable Energy


Practicing CiEP a step at a time has helped me appreciate the value of time management. Time when well managed and planned helps one achieve more in less time. The do it now principle lessens back log and makes you focus more on other tasks. 



I gained my time back and freed me to do things I enjoy without worrying about things I don't as these are the first ones I tackle.

Sector Lead


The timesaving aspect has been valuable to me. Through CiEP I have also learnt to communicate effectively.

Support Officer


I feel more relaxed, satisfied and in control at work. As a result I am more productive because I am more innovative and rational in my work approach. I also meet my assignment timelines.

Agriculture Advisor


I have learnt that organizing my desk speaks volumes and also help me achieve more than planned.

Support Officer