CiEP effective working (incompany)

Is your team suffering from work pressure? Is there too much work, or too little time, energy loss, or are people flooded by information? Would you like to achieve more results, be more effective and efficient in working and collaborating? With the CiEP Blended Learning program you will work both as a team and individually, to get to know and practice the CiEP methodology and work principles. The group training sessions will install the basis of a new, more effective work culture. The self-reflection exercises and direct implementation in your physical and digital work system will be supported by online or on-the-job personal coaching as to raise awareness and transform the way you and your team work in a sustainable way. With visible, measurable ànd perceptible results!


This is what you and your team get!

  • Measurable time gain (10-20%)!
  • Overview and control over work
  • An empty Inbox and flow in information streams
  • Better dealing with interruptions and ad hoc
  • Improved collaboration and team effectiveness
  • Clear priorities and choices, focus!
  • Working on the important things
  • Proactive plannings
  • Conscious and effective communication, better work relations
  • Peace of mind, more energy and less stress
  • Balance between work, home and self.



Module 1 Work organisation and consciously chosen work habits

  • In-company group training (1 day)
  • Baseline definition
  • Reflect on automatic and conscious work habits
  • Learn first new CiEP work habit
  • Implement CiEP structure to manage work and information
  • Discuss team habits on information management and communication

Module 2 Proactive planning and communication

  • In-company group training (1 day)
  • Time as a resource
  • Pro-active planning
  • Effective communication
  • Turn digital calendar into a dashboard for steering

Individual online coaching

  • 3 sessions over 3-4 months through Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom, Hangouts, e.a.
  • Support implementation of CiEP principles in personal work system
  • Coaching on developing effective work habits and achieving desired results
  • During the last session: measure progress and evaluate.

Time investment

This program is composed of 2 group sessions of a day and 3 online coaching sessions of about an hour. The total time investment per person is around 20-25 hours over a period of 3-4 months.

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  • Intake and kick off
  • Access to the digital learning environment CiEP Online
  • 3 online or face-to-face individual coaching sessions
  • Feedback on results and consultation on follow-up.


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Is your team suffering from work pressure? Is there too much work, or too little...